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A user friendly and practical system to monitor horse health during transportation

Manage Equine Transport Risks

Extensively researched and trialled by leading equine veterinarians

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Seamless temperature monitoring of horses during all modes of transport

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Health & Welfare

Epona Biotec combines technology and health monitoring to ensure the welfare of horses during transportation.

These disposable temperature monitors are an exciting innovation for the equine industry. They are a game changer for quarantine units world-wide, and for the way elite equine athletes are managed and monitored while being transported internationally by air.

Dr Michael Hurley BVSc CertEP GradDipBusStuds MANZCVS MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon, RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Equine Practice
Founder & Director Epona Biotec Ltd

Risk reduction during transportation

During long-haul transportation, whether by road, rail, sea or air, more than 10% of horses will develop a degree of Shipping Fever. This can have a devastating effect on the health of a horse. The key to treatment is early identification of the condition, before infection takes hold and progresses to pleuropneumonia.

In most cases the single clinical sign that identifies Shipping Fever is the development of a temperature. By closely monitoring the temperature of a horse during and after transportation, Shipping Fever can be identified immediately.

  • Easy to Use

    The EPONA system can monitor multiple horses in real-time, with temperatures being viewed remotely via our cloud server.

  • All modes of transport

    Designed specifically with international air transport and long distance road journeys in mind.

  • Cost Effective Solution

    The cost of treating severe Shipping Fever can run into thousands of dollars. Early detection can prevent this sequence of events, allowing your horse to arrive ready for competition.


Increased Biosecurity in Quarantine Units

The EPONA BIOTEC system adds a further level of biosecurity to equine quarantine units by allowing the rapid, early detection of pyrexic horses.

Designed by a veterinarian experienced in quarantine facilities, the real-time temperature monitors are purposely designed to be practical and easy to use for quarantine staff. Attaching the device to a horse is quicker than taking the rectal temperature, and once in place the temperature of the horse is continually recorded, with the data transmitted to the cloud where the information becomes accessible to quarantine and veterinary staff.

24-hour real-time access to temperature data as opposed to twice daily rectal temperature monitoring.

Subtle fevers otherwise missed are now detectable, assisting quarantine units with early disease recognition.

Potentially inaccurate rectal temperature measurements no longer need to be relied on.

Improved safety for staff and horses

Improved efficiency in quarantine units


The Epona Biotec System

Our product was developed as a result of published medical research on Shipping Fever .1 By focusing on veterinary first principles and practical field usage, EPONA BIOTEC has developed a system that allows the early detection of subtle fevers. Identifying such temperature changes is of particular importance when transporting horses at risk of Shipping Fever, as well as in quarantine units for identifying infectious disease incursions before other clinical symptoms develop.

  • Sensors

    Our patented sensors are tail mounted and disposable for additional biosecurity. Individually packed with alcohol wipes to ensure adhesion.

  • Epona Biotec Tablet PC

    A touch screen tablet is pre-loaded with software, and customised for your exact requirements. Temperature data can be accessed remotely or locally. Additional functions record veterinary treatment notes and comments from quarantine staff and professional flying grooms. A detailed report summarizing the temperature data can be printed on completion of a journey or at the end of a quarantine period.

  • Our Team

    Being prepared is the key. Whether it’s one horse or twenty, our team is always available to pre-load horse details onto our system before the journey or quarantine period even starts. Access is always available to your horse’s travel history and temperature data.

1   “The incidence and risk factors for shipping fever in horses transported by air to Hong Kong: Results from a two-year prospective study” — The Veterinary Journal 2016

Attaching the Epona Sensor


Choose Your Package


Epona Tablet PC

  • Real-Time Temperature Monitoring
  • 3G Enabled Tablet*
  • Historical Trip Sensor Data
  • Auto-Generated Trip Reports
  • Epona Support Team
  • 10 Sensors / month
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Real-Time SL


2 x Epona Tablet PCs

  • Real-Time Temperature Monitoring
  • International 3G Coverage**
  • Historical Trip Sensor Data
  • Auto-Generated Trip Reports
  • VIP Epona Support Team
  • 100 Sensors / month
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Real-Time SL


4 x Epona Tablet PCs

  • Real-Time Temperature Monitoring
  • International 3G Coverage**
  • Historical Trip Sensor Data
  • Auto-Generated Trip Reports
  • VIP Epona Support Team
  • Up to 500 Sensors / Month
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Real-Time SL

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