Developed by leading veterinary experts

in partnership with industry organisations, to advance equine welfare and proactive care

Meet the team behind Epona Biotec

Epona Biotec is a Hong Kong-based company specialising in equine welfare. Their flagship VetTrue System has been developed by leading equine veterinarians and technologists over a three-year period, in close consultation with international industry bodies and tested in partnership with leading academic institutions and racing authorities.

The company is renowned for its advanced tech expertise and is endorsed by leading equestrian organisations to meet the strictest standards of equine healthcare as demanded by industry leaders and care providers.

Its proprietary, remote temperature-monitoring system is advancing the specialist veterinary and broader equine industries by delivering technology that helps in the detection and prevention of illnesses and diseases in horses.

Dr Michael Hurley

RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Equine Practice


Veterinary Surgeon Dr Michael Hurley has over 25 years extensive international equine experience. Since graduating from New Zealand’s Massey University, he has worked with leading thoroughbred horse trainers and breeders around the world, and with many elite equine athletes.

His career has spanned Newmarket in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Saudi Arabia where he was the private Veterinary Surgeon for HRH Prince Ahmad bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz’s Thoroughbred Corporation. Following this, he was the Deputy Head of the Veterinary Clinical Services Department at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Michael is the co-founder and CEO of Epona Biotec and has been responsible for product design and development, global field testing, and research.

Adrian Cecil Poon

BA(Hons), DipArch, MSc


Adrian’s career in multidisciplinary design began with 10 years as an Architect both in the UK and Hong Kong, dealing with complex engineering, contractual and functional challenges. His interest in solving problems of a mechanical nature brought him to manufacturing, specialising in automotive OEM production supplying major German automakers.

In 2014 he obtained funding and founded his first IT startup, a building materials platform, where he observed first-hand the potential that technology has to disrupt traditional industries. As a co-founder of Epona Biotec he applies this broad, operational experience and leads all aspects of design and hardware development, contractual and IP matters, sourcing and logistics.

Matt Craig

BSc, BEng


Matt’s insatiable desire to build things first manifested in an early-childhood obsession with electronics, which quickly led to software creation. His career has ranged from low-level, embedded circuit design to institutional algorithmic trading systems.

Matt has spent more than 10 years as technical lead, building automated trading systems in investment banks and proprietary trading firms across Asia, Europe, and Australia.

He brings more than two decades of professional software development experience and embedded hardware design knowledge to Epona Biotec.

Partnering with leading industry authorities, academics
and welfare organisations globally

“The FEI is delighted to partner with Epona Biotec and is grateful for their support in providing their real-time monitoring system to monitor horses taking part in the FEI’s study into the effect of heat and humidity on competition horses.”

“With high-level competitions increasingly taking place in challenging climates, this study will play a crucial role in guiding organising committees on appropriate facilities and support, and to national federations in preparation of their horses for such competitions, particularly important with the forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo”
The sensor has widened my monitoring options while conducting research.

It is easy to apply, with the ability to monitor output in real time. When data collection is done, the output is in a format ready for analysis. With this tool I can enhance research, save time and ultimately improve horse welfare.

We manually take every horses temperature each morning to ensure all our horses are healthy and well.

In a big operation the ability to use this device will help us become more efficient and identify sick horses faster. It also will allow us to keep track of horses whilst travelling and manage them better overall.

We’ve been using the VetTrue System in our hospital as well in the field.

It’s a safe way for staff to check temperatures and is non-invasive for horses. It provides excellent monitoring for horses in a paddock situation, and owners appreciate the temperature tracking graphs. We’re delighted with our set-up and highly recommend it as a cost effective and user-friendly system with great customer support.

Epona's VetTrue system has allowed me to integrate temperature monitoring into my operation with very little effort.

I always look to take the proactive approach to safety and biosecurity - this non-intrusive method really demonstrates the progress we can make across the industry using technology.


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