Equine Pre-Purchase Examinations: 24 Hour Temperature Monitoring

By Dr. Michael Hurley | Posted on May 12, 2023

This Two-Year-Old Thoroughbred gelding by the sire ‘Time Test’ underwent a 5-Stage pre-purchase examination for racing in Hong Kong. As part of the examination his temperature was monitored overnight using the VetTrue™ System from Epona Biotec.

The temperature chart above clearly shows a normal temperature pattern overnight. This is confirmation at a glance that the gelding is in good health. The sharp dip in the chart at exactly 7:30am corresponds to the gelding galloping at the racecourse as shown in the video below. The dip occurs because the tail rises during exercise affecting the temperature data which is collected beneath this location. Once back in the stable the temperature data returns to normal, although as can be seen on the chart, slightly higher as the horse has now warmed up after exercise.

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