How does the VetTrue System work?
The TailTab sensor attaches beneath the tail and sends temperature data via Bluetooth to the VetTrue System App. The temperature displays on the App and the data is updated every 5 minutes. All temperature data is stored on the TailTab so the App updates the graph whenever it establishes a Bluetooth connection with the TailTab.

How do I activate a new TailTab?

How close does my mobile device need to be to establish a Bluetooth connection with the TailTab on a horse?
In a normal stable, veterinary hospital, or transport environment a Bluetooth connection will easily be established within 20m of a horse, depending on any material obstructions and other radio frequency interference. Outdoors, Bluetooth connections have been established at line of sight distances of up to 150m.

Why is the temperature recorded under the tail?
The VetTrue system uses the same principle as an axillary (armpit) temperature measurement for humans. Just as an axillary temperature is an accurate indicator of a person’s body temperature, the temperature recorded under the tail is an accurate measurement of the horse’s body temperature.

Can I monitor more than one horse at a time?
The free version of the App allows a single horse to be monitored. Multiple horses can be monitored simultaneously using the paid subscription version of the App.

How accurate is the VetTrue System compared to taking my horse’s temperature with a rectal thermometer?
The temperature recorded by the VetTrue System is approximately 0.5°C to 1.0°C lower than the rectal temperature of a horse. As these temperatures are so closely correlated the VetTrue system is an accurate way of monitoring your horses’s body temperature.

Can I swim my horse if it has a TailTab attached?
Yes. The TailTab is waterproof and will continue to work even when completely submerged.

Can I exercise my horse if it has a TailTab attached?
Yes. The TailTabs will remain attached even when a horse is exercised. Please note that accurate temperature readings are only recorded when the horse is at rest and the tail is down. When a horse exercises the tail tends to rise, and a corresponding dip in temperature will be recorded. This is evident on the temperature chart below, where the dip in temperature at 07:35 corresponds to morning track work.

The VetTrue App

When I first activate a TailTab a ‘pyramid shape’ of temperature data between 20°C and 50°C appears on the temperature chart in the App. What is this?
This is quality control temperature data that shows the TailTab has been factory tested.

Quality Control data displayed on the temperature chart when a TailTab is initially activated.

After attaching a TailTab how long does it take until accurate temperature readings are recorded?
Once attached, the TailTab takes 10 minutes to ‘warm up’. After this period accurate temperature readings will be seen on the temperature chart in the App.

What do the colours of the temperature chart and temperature bubble indicate?
GREEN indicates the horse has a normal temperature (Temperature < 38.6°C or 101.5°F).
RED indicates the horse has a fever (Temperature > 38.6°C or 101.5°F).
BLUE generally indicates environmental temperature, and is seen when the TailTab is first activated or when it has been removed from the horse. These default thresholds are adjustable in settings.

In the App the ‘Last Temperature’ bubble is sometimes solid green and sometimes has a green border. What is the difference?
A solid green bubble indicates a current temperature recorded within the past 10 minutes. When the temperature
bubble only has a green border it indicates an older temperature. It will update to a current temperature (solid green
bubble) once a connection is established again with the TailTab.

How quickly does the App update when reconnected with the TailTab?
After connecting to the TailTab, the App will generally update within 10 seconds. A conf rmed connection will be evident as the temperature bubble will turn a solid green colour and the temperature chart will update.

Can I view the temperature in Fahrenheit (°F)?
Yes! Tap on ‘Account’ in the toolbar and an option is available to change the ‘Temperature Unit’ from Celsius (°C) to Fahrenheit (°F).

Can I use the VetTrue App on my iPad?
Yes! The App works on iPhones, and iPads with an internet connection. Please ensure you have the current iOS version (13.x) to ensure compatibility.

Can I use the VetTrue App on my Android device?
The Android version of the App is under development and will be released shortly. Please email us and we will notify you as soon as it is available.

VetTrue TailTabs

How do I apply the TailTab?

Do I need to clean the tail before attaching the TailTab?
Yes. The key to TailTab longevity is careful skin preparation. Using the alcohol pad supplied carefully clean the underside of the tail to remove dirt and debris. Before applying the TailTab wait 30 seconds to allow the alcohol to evaporate.

How long will the TailTab remain attached to my horse?
The VetTrue System is designed for accurate short-term monitoring of a horse’s body temperature. The minimum period the disposable TailTab is expected to remain attached is 72 hours. In a stabled or hospitalised horse, the TailTabs have remained attached for over 7 days.

I have turned the TailTab on by pressing the button on top three times. How do I know that it’s working?
When you press the button three times the LED will flash red three times to indicate that the TailTab is now active and transmitting a Bluetooth signal.

Can I turn the TailTab off?
The TailTab can be turned off by pressing the button three times. The red LED will light continuously for 3 seconds then turn off indicating that it has stopped transmitting. Please note that once activated, and attached to a horse, there will rarely be a reason to deactivate the TailTab as they are designed as single use devices.

How long does the battery in the TailTab last?
The TailTab contains a small lithium battery that will for at least 1 week.

Will the TailTab irritate the skin of my horse?
The TailTab adheres to the hairless underside of the tail with 3M Surgical Tape. This skin-friendly tape incorporates a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive. Skin irritation following use is uncommon.

Is the TailTab comfortable for my horse to wear?
Yes. As the TailTab resembles a small sticking plaster most horses don’t sense its presence.

If a TailTab falls off can I stick it back on my horse?
TailTabs are disposable and for biosecurity reasons are designed for single use only. If a TailTab falls off during monitoring it should be replaced with another so continuous monitoring on the same chart can be maintained. In
most clinical situations, TailTabs are expected to remain attached for at least 72 hours.

Are TailTabs safe for users to place on a horse?
Placing a TailTab on a horse is a process similar to taking the rectal temperature of a horse, so similar safety precautions should be followed. Safety around horses, especially those you don’t know well, is always of importance.
In particular, never stand directly behind a horse when applying a TailTab, and if you suspect the temperament of a horse is not amenable to the placement of a TailTab you should not proceed. Please watch the video demonstrating the safe application of a TailTab.

Can I use a TailTab on a foal?
The TailTab is designed to fit perfectly beneath the tail on large breeds of adult horses. Although a version designed specifically for foals and miniature horses is currently under development, if required the TailTab tape can be trimmed to fit a narrower tail.

How do I dispose of a TailTab once it’s removed from my horse?
As a TailTab contains a small lithium battery they must be disposed of in the correct manner. We recommend contacting your local recycling center for advise on disposal of electronic waste.

For any additional questions concerning the VetTrue System or suggestions for features please email us at and our team will be more than happy to assist.


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