Innovation in Action: Bloodstock Insurance Embraces the VetTrue™ System

By Adrian Poon | Posted on August 4, 2021

In the Bloodstock Insurance Industry, Transit Insurance is an important component of an insurance policy. The reason for this is that horses travelling internationally by land, sea or air are exposed to a unique set of risks. The most common of these risks is a respiratory infection known as Shipping Fever. Horses developing this condition can become seriously ill if the infection is not recognised and treated in the early stages. The VetTrue™ System from Epona Biotec is a temperature sensor designed just for this. It is the single most effective way of identifying Shipping Fever cases.
The benefits of the VetTrue™ System have been recognised in the Bloodstock Insurance Industry. New Zealand based, C N Taylor Consulting, is the first insurance company in the world to embrace this technology. With international clients frequently shipping valuable Thoroughbreds around the globe, company director Cherry Taylor is all too aware of the risk Shipping Fever poses.
“It’s not uncommon for us to be informed about a client’s horse that’s ill following a flight,” Taylor says.
Her company now offers a discount on transit insurance premiums when a horse is fitted with a temperature monitor during transportation.
“It’s the perfect complement to insurance cover,” she says. “An innovative way in which we can further protect our client’s horses.”
The VetTrue™ System is set to become an industry standard. It is a cost-effective solution to a common problem, and importantly, is a welcome advance in improving equine welfare during the transportation process.

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