Strategic use of the VetTrue™ System in the field

By Dr. Michael Hurley | Posted on May 12, 2021

Equine veterinarians commonly treat sick patients ‘in the field’ rather than have them transported to veterinary hospitals for follow-up care and monitoring. If the location of the horse is remote, logistics may dictate it can only be seen once every day or two. Monitoring the patient’s vital signs is of critical importance in assessing the state of health and response to treatment. 

The VetTrue™ System developed by Epona Biotec is state-of-the-art technology that allows veterinarians access to real-time core body temperature data from their patients in the field. By placing a disposable TailTab sensor beneath the tail, the horse’s body temperature is continually monitored and the data stored. When the veterinarian next visits the patient and opens the VetTrue™ App on their phone, the Tail Tab connects instantly via Bluetooth and downloads all temperature data since the last visit. The veterinarian can now see exactly how the horse is responding to treatment, and adjust antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medications precisely. 

These point-of-care sensors takes patient care and monitoring to an entirely new level. For further information on how your veterinary practice can improve equine care and monitoring with the applied use of technology visit

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