World’s Highest Rated Racehorse Uses the VetTrue™ System

By Dr. Michael Hurley | Posted on April 24, 2021

"He's a monster": Addeybb proves he's best in the world

The Sydney Morning Herald 17th April  2021

Epona Biotec congratulates Newmarket Trainer William Haggis on the outstanding victory of Addeybb in the Group 1 Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Royal Randwick in Sydney. 

It’s a significant feat to transport a Thoroughbred racehorse halfway around the world, and have it compete, and win, at the very highest level. Everything must go exactly to plan to ensure the horse arrives in peak health and condition.

For the UK to Australia flight, Addeybb travelled under the watchful eye of Dr. Des Leadon, a European Veterinary Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine. Dr. Leadon, well experienced in travelling with Thoroughbred racehorses, had an additional weapon in his arsenal for this journey.

The VetTrue™ System from Epona Biotec was used to monitor Addeybb’s body temperature throughout the flight.

Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 9.28.00 PM

The VetTrue™ System displaying a normal temperature chart for Addeybb during his long-haul flight from the UK to Australia

A TailTab sensor placed under the tail, transmitted temperature data via BlueTooth to the VetTrue™ System App on Dr Leadon’s iPhone. Dr Leadon was able to safely and remotely monitor the horse’s temperature continuously for any fluctuations that might have indicated a developing illness such as shipping fever.

During the flight the VetTrue™ System provided Dr Leadon with assurance that Addeybb was travelling well. No temperature fluctuations were seen, and the horse remained in good health throughout the flight.

The subsequent victory in the Queen Elizabeth Stakes was a wonderful performance by Addeybb. The horse had won the race the previous year, so to return, and successfully defend his crown was quite an accomplishment.

The VetTrue™ System has proven itself a vital tool for monitoring the health and wellbeing of horse during long-distance transportation. The technology is cost effective, intuitive to use, and allows for the simultaneous monitoring of multiple horses. For further information, please visit

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