Introducing the VetTrue System

Real-time, accurate temperature monitoring for horses from Epona Biotec

Key Features

Developed by leading international equine veterinarians and technologists, the VetTrue System delivers accurate and non-invasive temperature monitoring for horses.

Round-the-clock monitoring

Temperature is continuously recorded in real-time and in a user-friendly interface

Rapid data delivery

Rapid data delivery, visualisation and critical alerts help prevent the spread of infectious diseases

Patented sensor technology

Each TailTab houses a pioneering combination of technologies for non invasive monitoring

Quicker treatment and recovery

Earlier recognition of fever for faster diagnosis and treatment to improve clinical outcomes

Setting the Standard in Equine Healthcare

The VetTrue System is an essential tool for safeguarding your horse's health and wellbeing. The system helps to provide the healthiest environment and best care for your horse through continuous temperature monitoring that will aid in disease prevention.

Easy to Apply

Our patented TailTabs are designed to be applied quickly and easily, without the need for veterinary training

Simple to Use

User-friendly interface for effortless integration into both clinical practice and everyday care routines

Global Remote Monitoring

Continuously observe your horse's temperature in real-time, from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day

How It Works

Simple to Use

Watch a short demonstration of how the VetTrue TailTab is applied.

The VetTrue TailTab

Our patented single-use sensors combine a temperature monitor and transmitter housed in a lightweight unit, securely moulded to medical-grade tape. They are easily and safely affixed under the tail via an integral self-adhesive panel. Once activated, each sensor continuously provides accurate, non-invasive temperature monitoring.


An inconspicuous antenna blends with tail hairs while transmitting data


Accurately records and transmits to your smartphone via Bluetooth, up to 100m away


Water resistant 3M surgical tape holds the unit in place for up to 72 hours

Ergonomic Design

The shape is designed to conform perfectly to the underside of your horse’s tail


Switch with flashing LED to confirm the transmitter is activated

The VetTrue App

Once activated and in position, the TailTab records temperature at 5-minute intervals. Readings are transmitted continuously to the VetTrue App and visualised in a user-friendly, interactive display. The app’s intuitive, custom interface allows you to monitor and analyse temperature data in real time.


Displays the unique serial number found on each individual TailTab

Current Temperature

Displays the most recent temperature with the exact time of the corresponding reading

Temperature Graph

Displays the most recent temperature with the exact time of the corresponding reading

Name Panel

Clearly displays the name of the horse being monitored

Interactive Display

Pinch zoom function allows the user to view data from a range of time-frames

No other product on the market is as accurate or convenient for both patient and caregiver, and that makes it an essential tool for everyone - from practitioners in my own field as an equine veterinarian, through to individual owners, riding for leisure in their free time.


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